sock it to sarcoma

🧦 Get out your brightest, most colourful socks 🧦

21st - 23rd June 2024

Sock it to Sarcoma! is the concept and vision of Abbie Basson, who was diagnosed with Ewings’s Sarcoma in 2009 at the age of 17. 

Sock it to Sarcoma! supports medical research, community awareness about sarcoma, patient support and gold standard clinical care. Sarcoma is an aggressive and rare group of primary bone and soft tissue tumours which attack all age groups, but some variations in particular affect children, adolescents and young adults.

Sock it to Sarcoma (funky / odd socks) Round is back!

Players, Umpires, Volunteers and Spectators are encouraged to join together and support the event by wearing odd socks to their games and donating a gold coin to be collected by the Team Manager / Club Official. Players are encouraged to wear one of their club/team socks accompanied by an odd sock on the other foot – joining the Sock it to Sarcoma! theme.

WA Football’s involvement with Sock it to Sarcoma! aims to raise awareness of Sarcoma and raise funds for Sarcoma research in Western Australia. Sarcoma is a group of rare primary bone and soft tissue tumours, given a number of different names depending on the type of tissue from which they arise. The causes of sarcoma, including whether there are any underlying genetic links, are not yet established. This is the reason why more research into the molecular biology and etiology is so crucial.

Clubs across Metro North helped raise over $15,000 in 2021 by encouraging our local football community to wear odd socks to raise funds and awareness of Sarcoma throughout the round. More than $1,000.000 of research grants and support to develop a core of multidisciplinary research expertise in sarcoma in WA has been funded since 2012.

WA Football has a reason close to home to be involved in Sock it to Sarcoma! – Kalin Foley was in Year 7 in 2012 when he was diagnosed with a rare soft tissue paediatric sarcoma called Rhabdomyosarcoma after a suspected injury in a game of football. Kalin played for Wanneroo Junior Football Club for many years & attended Prendiville Catholic College with many Ocean Ridge Junior Football Club players. As part of WA Sarcoma Awareness Week and with the blessing of Kalin’s parents Paul and Brigitte the Metro North/West Perth Football District, Wanneroo Junior Football Club and Ocean Ridge Junior Football Club will again run the Annual Kalin Foley Cup, a match honoring Kalin Foley.

Have some fun, pull on a pair of odd socks for your footy match and donate to a great cause, helping us Sock it to Sarcoma!

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