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year 1

Our Year 1 group will complete Level 2 of the NAB AFL Auskick Program. Do not worry if you are new to Auskick, there is no need to have previously completed Level 1, as activities are easily modified by our coaches to suit individual skills and abilities. Each week players will rotate through four game based activities, which are designed to assist them develop fundamental motor skills, team work and ,of course, basic footy skills. 


Note: Whilst there are only 10 sessions listed above, the Auskick season for YDJFC runs for 15 sessions. The 5 additional sessions will consist of special events as well as other opportunities to develop footy skills… stay tuned!

The NAB AFL Auskick Program is reliant on parent/carer involvement, and each week coaches will require at least 4-6 activity helpers. Not only do children love having their parents, grandparents or carers involved; but by utilizing activity helpers, coaches are able to provide more one on one feedback and guidance to players.

What if I volunteer as an Activity Helper?

1.   Rest assured, you do not need any footy experience and our Auskick Coaches will be there to support and guide you through the sessions.

2.   Prior to Auskick, take 5 minutes to check out the videos of the activities for that week and let the coach know which you would like to assist with (See links below for videos)

3.   Please arrive 10-15 minutes early and check in with your child’s coaches. They will run through any information you need.

4.   Most importantly… HAVE FUN!!!

NAB AFL Auskick Activity Videos

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